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What Tooth-Coloured Fillings Actually Is

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Previously teeth were filled with the metal-based mixture – made up of silver amalgam. But with the revolution in dentistry techniques and procedure, a natural looking tooth- coloured filling is available. It is better to contact a dentist in order to prevent the cavities from spreading and causing more tooth to decay. The dentist will remove the cavity from the tooth and fill in the area from which the decayed material was removed. This treatment will help to fill in the space to regain the surface of the tooth.

What is tooth- coloured filling?

Amalgam filling, metal filling, ceramic filling and glass ionomers are types of cavity fillings available other than the tooth-coloured (composite) filling. Tooth-coloured fillings are composed of a blend of silica fillers and plastic resins. These substances resemble the natural qualities of the tooth. This dental composite helps strengthen the decayed tooth. It blends easily with the appearance of the natural tooth that it cannot be differentiated with a natural tooth. It is appropriate for being used in filling the hollowed tooth due to decaying. The composite is durable and can tolerate the pressure of chewing.

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The Procedure Of Tooth Coloured Filling?

Reshaping the chipped tooth or replacing the decayed tooth with tooth-coloured filling the starting process remains almost same. Before starting with filling the tooth, your dentist will inject a mild anaesthesia in the gums and surrounding area of the tooth; it numbs the area so the patient may not feel any discomfort and pain. Then the decayed material is scraped out to make the tooth clean; so that filling becomes easy. After making sure there is no substance left the hollow tooth is filled with the tooth-coloured filling directly. In the beginning, the filling is a clay-like material and can be easily shaped easily. Once it comes in contact with the tooth it hardens and turns solid like the tooth.  

Are they beneficial?

Tooth coloured filling is one of the best options to get rid of cavities and prevention against spreading. Moreover it is ideal to fill in the naturally decayed tooth. Following are the reasons why the tooth-coloured fillings are beneficial.

  • Its tooth-like appearance gives a natural look
  • The composition easily bonds with the tooth and does not require any other material like pins or slots to hold on the composition.   
  • The results are immediate as it dries up and hardens in seconds
  • Less chance of cracking
  • The filling composition restores the strength of a natural tooth
  • Completed in a single treatment

Its reparable characteristics make it the most desirable option. If you feel there is the slightest issue in any of the filling area; it can easily be replaced. The dentist will remove a small part of the effected filling and replace it with a new one. It does not need to be removed completely.

Whatever the situation maybe the first thing you need to do is get an appointment with your dentist and get your teeth examined. Only he would be able to fully explain to you the condition and recommend a suitable treatment for it. Nowadays dentist recommends tooth-coloured filling as it is one of the most natural looking fillings along with being the most convenient and strong.

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