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Safety Tips To Buy Cannabis Canada

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First and foremost if you want to be safe when you buy cannabis Canada do not go for an online store if you are not told to by someone experienced enough and one you can trust. When you are convinced make sure you follow the tips that follow. Always keep your secrets as a secret and this applies to all your activities online as well as offline. The ideal way to make a purchase is to use your business credit card. As this will have your business address, you will have your product delivered with minimum risk as there will be unique and discreet CC billing information feature.

Payment and shipping

You can use a credit card to pay for the bills. This is the safest way to make any purchases online. The information provided is secure as most reliable online stores will purge the payment information right after your order is processed. If you are still unsure, you can use postal money order or a pre-paid Visa card. As for delivery and shipping make sure that you have it shipped to a real name and a real address to avoid any hassles. If you want privacy then you may use some initials in your address but make sure that it is deliverable. Ideally, do not use any address where there is no information about you tied to it.

The address factor

Always use public email address when you furnish your information. This is a smart move as your emails are always saved somewhere. Since the online stores deliver discreetly, you may even have it mailed to an address that is completely unrelated to you but the person staying there knows you and will not be intrigued to open it. It can be your sister, girlfriend, business or your friend and never have the parcels delivered needing a signature.

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