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Is Ovary Freezing A Revolutionary Egg Preservation Fertility Method?

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Over the last few years, there have been significantly consistent advancements in the segment of reproductive technology. Scientists and medical researchers have now shifted their focus from the traditional methods of reproductive technology to the ones such as ovary freezing that involve preservation of female fertility.

What Is Ovarian Tissue Freezing?

A relatively new but extremely successful technique, ovarian tissue freezing has been primarily devised for fertility preservation of a woman.

One of the biggest advantages of ovarian tissue freezing is that it facilitates collection of hundreds of eggs in a single go. This is a lot compared to the count of eggs (around 15 eggs) that are collected by doctors in embryo or egg freezing.

Who Would Benefit From This Procedure?

Originally developed for cancer patients, this revolutionary egg preservation fertility method implemented by eminent institutions and facilities such as the Bloom Reproductive Institute is now admired by women across the world for postponing pregnancy indefinitely. It is also an ideal procedure for women with autoimmune and genetic diseases that result in premature menopause. Ovary Freezing is also a viable option for women who are undergoing treatment (such as radiotherapy) that may possibly affect their ovaries.

This fertility preservation method also demonstrates efficacy for women at high risk of early menopause and those with genetic disorders. This procedure may also be an option for women who have moral or ethical issues with embryo or egg freezing, who don’t use hormone stimulation, teenaged as well as pre-pubescent girls, and who are unable to delay treatment to begin hormonal stimulation. This revolutionary procedure is also a viable option for women who carry the breast cancer genetic mutation or whose cancer has spread to the ovaries.

Ovary Freezing Procedure

The patient will be under general anesthetic during the procedure and it can be done at short notice. During this one-hour outpatient surgical procedure, a part of all of an ovary is removed by the doctor. The removed tissue is divided into thin strips and each of these strips contains immature eggs and hormone-producing cells. Thereafter, the tissue is frozen and stored for use in the future.

   The preserved samples are stored at a very low temperature. The tissue can be transplanted in the body of a woman to take over the fertility process. The tissue is then grafted either at the ovary’s original location or at an alternative one. Secured with fine sutures, the ovarian tissue strips are accepted by the body as healthy supply of blood is restored to them. Immature eggs that were frozen within the tissue start to develop in a normal way as frozen ovarian tissue is re-implanted into the woman’s body and become retrievable in an In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) procedure.

Natural pregnancy is possible if the fallopian tubes are not blocked, functional, or not removed. Usually, the IVF procedure by doctors is recommended to speed up the process.

Undoubtedly, ovarian tissue freezing has emerged as an innovative and revolutionary reproductive health procedure. The best part is that recovery after the ovary freezing procedure is reasonably fast since this is an outpatient procedure.

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