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How Much CBD Should You Be Taking?

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By far and away the million dollar question when it comes to starting out on a CBD regime is always dosage. Too little and even too much may not actually help with your condition/ailment.

When you shop around for your product, you’ll notice that all of the quality vendors barely touch on this. There’s a reason for this too. Quite simply neither they – or for that matter us – are medically trained. After all, people take CBD usually to help with specific health issues, but even if you ask a doctor they’ll usually say the same thing – it isn’t a conventional medicine so they can’t really say. Frustrating isn’t it!

But no need to worry or be put off CBD just yet. Millions of people have already been there, so it is perfectly possible for most people to find their ‘sweet spot’ – but it is something you need to do yourself. What we can do is give out advice on how to get there. So hopefully the following will be of some assistance.

Understand Your Body

We’re all different inside and out – hardly something which makes finding a suitable dose any easier! But understanding your body is the first step to take.

Someone who very thin and only say 120lbs is going to need a lower dose than a 250lb muscleman. Why? Simply because the bigger the body the larger the dose required to deliver an appropriate boost to the body’s natural cannabinoid system. There’s just more ground to cover. Now factor in that everyone has a different body chemistry. Some people just have high performing systems, while others can be low powered – and that has little to do with weight/size.

So, it may sound a little bit like pot luck so far – and to an extent it kind of is.

Some people can find a very low dose helps them wonders, while others may need an enormous dose for it to be effective.

One thing worth quickly mentioning is that it is impossible to overdose on CBD. Anything not needed will just pass through naturally. Likewise, you cannot get ‘hooked’ or scientifically speaking develop a tolerance (although some people do get that psychologically).

Ailments & Dosage Are Related

People take CBD for a myriad of reasons but one thing that is generally observable is that some conditions need a typically higher dose than others.

There simply is no universal dose so this involves some experimentation. Plenty of ‘guides’ will suggest that you start off low and ‘taper on’ while gradually increasing your dose until your condition feels better. It can take a while, and of course, the problem is you never know if more or less is going to improve or be as good. Nobody wants to waste money unnecessarily meddling around their intake.

Practical advice for determining a starting dose to try would be in all honesty to read about other people’s experience regarding CBD and the ailment you are trying to address. There are masses of sites out there where people discuss their dosage openly.

Places like Reddit are a great starting point for research – plus you can ask communities of hundreds of thousands of people their own experience. Just mention your body shape/size and underlying conditions.

To get you started – in my personal case to treat mild but irritating anxiety I vape 300mg and dose four times daily with one long deep draw. Larger than an average guy with no other health issues. That is the kind of information to look for, and what will help more than you may think about deciding where to jump in regarding your dosage.

Remember That Quality & Strength Count

One thing that is essential for effectively using CBD is not to mess about when it comes to picking a quality oil/e-liquid/capsule/whatever regardless of strength. Do not be tempted by most of the bargain bucket options as they will be comprised of a low-grade extract from chemical packed hemp, rarely deliver the strength they claim and generally be rubbish. A little can go a long way here – so shop about and only use products that are natural, certifiable by batch testing for purity, use CO2 extraction processes from top quality plants.

A poor quality ‘250mg’ extract will not come close to the efficacy of a 250mg from a top provider.

Also, the method you take can cause a considerable difference. They all have advantages and disadvantages so do your homework and figure out what is best for you and then get experimenting.

It is a pain to find a proper dose, but there’s a good chance that it can be very beneficial indeed when you get there.

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