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Fighting a Battle: An Alcohol Addiction Treatment

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Drinking is becoming very common in every culture. As the sun sets, adults pop up the wine cork or crack liquor bottles; however, the story on the weekend is completely different. The habit of drinking occasionally is different from drinking every day. People do not realize when they become addict to alcohol and needs a proper treatment.

In most countries, alcohol is easily available in the market for adults to purchase and consume. Since it is so common, there is no way people can skip and makes it hard to determine whether the use of alcohol is appropriate or not. Drinking too much alcohol not only leads to serious health disease but also impact mental and behavioural issues. Generally, domestic violence and abuse cases involve alcohol addicts. According to a survey, around 17 million adults have an alcohol use disorder (AUD).

With the advancement in the field of medicine, the alcohol addiction treatment is not impossible anymore. Multiple rehab centres are available to help in alcohol addiction treatment, but how would you know if you need a treatment?

Signs When You Need Help

AUD is a medical condition diagnosed by doctors that tell whether the person is causing harm to others and him/herself. At times, it is impossible to identify if you need help or not, however, these symptoms will help you understand better when it is time to seek medical help.

  • Facing legal trouble due to alcohol
  • Urge of drinking
  • Losing focus from other activities (work, school, gym, friends and family)
  • Become violent after drinking
  • Display withdrawal symptoms

Types of Alcohol Addiction Treatment

There are several methods available for treating alcohol addiction. The best way to start is to consult your primary care physician and let him or her identify the best way to help you fight the battle against alcohol.


Depending on the level of addiction, your physician might start with medications. These medications will help you eliminate or decrease your drinking habits. It also helps prevent relapse. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approve any medication prescribed by your physician or healthcare professional for alcohol prevention.


Along with medications, counselling may also be recommended by your healthcare professional. Multiple therapies are available that will help you in many aspects of personal life.

  • Behavioural Therapy: This therapy helps in identifying feelings of an individual that leads to drinking or relapse. The aim of the therapy is to change the basic thought process to develop skills that will help cope up with everyday situations that may trigger drinking problem.
  • Family and Marital Counselling: This therapy involves spouse and other family members. According to a study, family support plays a vital role in fighting against alcohol addiction.
  • Motivational Therapy: This therapy motivates to change drinking behaviour. The focus is mainly on the advantages of the treatment. With this therapy, the counsellor helps to build self-confidence in an individual that will support them in their treatment.

Rehabilitation Centres

A very commonly used practice for treating alcohol addiction. People whose addiction level is high are offered treatment at rehab centres. The process offers medicines, counselling sessions and aftercare treatment. The rehab centres also help in adapting sober lifestyle and building self-confidence.

Alcohol addiction can be serious and leads to many health and mental conditions. If you are going through alcohol addiction treatment, make sure to surround yourself with positive people. Do not hesitate to talk to your primary care physician or your family member if you need help.

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