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Essential Facts from the Amino Acid List

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On the other hand, those who are slightly familiar with biochemistry have a natural question: if there is enough full-fledged protein in the diet (which already contains all the necessary amino acids), does it make sense to take separate amino acids and what are they for? You can have a look at the list of amino acids for the best understanding.

Main thoughts:

  • Violation of the mechanism of delivery of amino acids is fraught with failure of functions of many systems in the body and is critical for muscle growth.
  • Essential amino acids must be obtained every day from food.
  • For muscle growth, the presence of all amino acids (essential and essential) in proteins in the daily diet is important, and in a certain ratio
  • Many experts are of the opinion that there is no need for additional intake of amino acids. In most cases, high-quality protein is all that is needed.
  • This is the basis of muscle growth, maintenance and recovery of muscle tissue.

In general, there are more essential amino acids in the proteins of natural products than replaceable

  • Our body knows the secret formula for the synthesis of essential amino acids, and their lack of food is not dangerous.
  • According to scientists, it is highly unlikely that glutamine is useful in bodybuilding to increase the effectiveness of training. Perhaps its use can help reduce the frequency of infections in athletes in a state of overtraining.
  • In addition to sports nutrition companies, no one else produces such a product as glutamine. This most likely indicates the commercial purpose of this production.
  • Arginine is often found in various sports supplements, but there is no scientific evidence to support its use in sports.
  • Carnitine is often found in various sports supplements, but there is no evidence to support its use in bodybuilding.

Despite the recommendations of the pros, sellers of sports nutrition stores and manufacturers of amino acid intake, in most cases, high-quality protein is all that is needed.

Expert-scientist: Statements about the benefits of a separate intake of certain amino acids under the condition of complete protein nutrition do not have a sufficient scientific basis. Before you decide on the admission of certain amino acids, read the opinion of the expert doctor on this issue:

What are amino acids for?

Along with vitamins and minerals, amino acids are the basic substances on which the health of the body as a whole depends.

They are involved in the processes of growth, development, and recovery of muscle tissue (for which they are often called the “building blocks” of our body). Combining amino acids in different ways, our body creates about 50,000 different types of proteins and 15,000 enzymes.

A protein molecule is a multitude of amino acids lined up one after another:

In the process of digestion, the protein is broken down into individual amino acids, from which the body then synthesizes the protein structures it needs – the basis of all biological tissues and organs (skin, eyes, heart, intestines, bones and, of course, muscles) and biologically active substances (hormones, enzymes, etc.).

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