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Does Poor Sleep Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

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Male sexual life is significantly dependent on the amount of time he spends sleeping. Besides, the quality of sleep is also crucial. According to the recent studies, 70% of men suffering from sleep disorders, for example, obstructive sleep apnea, have problems with potency. The same problem affects those who have less than 7-8 hours of night rest. You may improve your sleep by altering your way of life. For solving your erectile dysfunction issues, you may go to and buy the most effective pills without leaving your home.

Why does erection depend on your sleep?

Testosterone – the hormone that actually makes a man man, is mostly secreted during sleep. Its production is especially high in the phases of deep sleep.  If a man snores or suffers from obstructive sleep apnea, he has very little to no time of deep sleep. As a result, the secretion of testosterone significantly lowers thus affecting male libido and erectile function.

In addition, the feeling of constant tiredness, which is common in those who have poor sleep may also have some influence on the men’s power.

What are the ways of coping with sleep problems and erectile dysfunction?

First of all, you have to find out what causes your poor sleep. Maybe you love to go to bed too late at night, or you have an uncomfortable mattress or pillow, or too high temperature in the bedroom, or some medical conditions. When you know the reason it’s much easier to solve the issue. If your sleep troubles result from your bad habits or some external factors, it is easy to cope with them. But in case you have some medical conditions, you’d better turn for medical help.

Taking under control your night rest will help you to restore your erectile function. Yet, if your insomnia or poor quality of sleep is caused by some ailment, it may take some time to cope with it. In such case your sexual life may be improved with the help of ED preparations like cheapest Levitra or any other PDE 5 inhibitor.

Luckily, numerous medications for erectile dysfunction treatment are available on the market. The only thing you should do is to find the drug, which will suit your needs best of all.

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