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Different Types of Diagnosis and Therapy Conducted in the Center ForMorton’s Neuroma

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When you visit The Center for Morton’s Neuroma the doctor will conduct different exams. The doctor will press your foot to feel any tender spot or a mass. They may also try to feel the ‘click’ between your foot and the bones. Apart from that there will be a lot of imaging tests. X-rays on your foot is one such imaging test that is done to find out the stress fracture.Ultrasound is another technology used to create real-time images with the help of sound of the internal structures and to detect any abnormalities such as neuromas in the soft tissues.  MRI is also done using strong magnetic field and radio waves.

Treatment and therapy

The type of treatment and therapy to follow by the doctors will largely dependon the findings and the severity of the symptoms of Morton’s neuroma. Ideally, the doctor will recommend you to try out a few traditional approaches first. One specific type of therapy is usually followed by the doctors. In this process an arch support or foot pads are fitted inside the shoe. This helps in reducing the pressure on the toe nerves. You may use an OTC pad or even have a custom made pad as requested by your doctor. Sometimes, molded pads are also used for proper fit and support to your feet.

Surgical and other procedures

If the conservative treatments and therapy does not help then doctors may suggest other alternative treatments. One such is injection of steroids into the affected area.Decompression surgery may also be suggested in some cases by surgeons to relieve the pressure on the nerves. Nearby structuressuch as ligament that fixesthe bones together may be cut. The doctors may even remove the growth surgically. Taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, ice massage, change of footwear and break from exercise may also be suggested.

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