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Crowdfunding for reproductive rights awareness in Indian villages

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Talking about women in India is opening a can of worms. Talking about the reproductive rights of Indian women is opening a can of rotten meat. Out of a population of over a billion, approximately 350 million women do not have access to cheap and scientific menstrual healthcare. In a recent study, only 31% of the surveyed boys and 33% of the girls mentioned having heard of contraception! During their periods, women often use dirty rags which leads to complications like immediate infections and long-term damage. A large section of girls are married off the moment they hit their periods. Women are actually made to literally pay for their periods thanks to expensive sanitary napkins.

Domestic violence including marital rape is present, horrifically, in almost half of all marital relationships. The decision to have children or not rarely lies with the woman, affecting women across all classes. In fact, many families with a large income resort to female foeticide. Often in houses with poor income, female infants are either murdered straight away or are left to lead a life of neglect and abuse. To say that the picture is depressingly bleak would be an understatement.

A ray of hope is the slowly changing attitudes, especially of the youth. Many NGOs are actively looking into this, like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, WASH United, among others. And those of us with means should all pitch in. These issues can be addressed in a number of ways, like:

  • Conducting training workshops where educators, doctors and legal experts are brought in to teach women about their reproductive rights.
  • Women should be made aware of the intricate relationship between reproduction and money.  There should also be incentives to enable them to part with their valuable time in order to listen to their reproductive rights in the first place. Because women have been conditioned since time immemorial to sacrifice, this is probably the hardest bit. So do not expect people to be very welcoming the moment you drive into a village.
  • Conducting such programmes involve looking into a host of other logistics, like booking venues, arranging refreshments, inviting resource people, getting the proper permissions, and so forth. These involve considerable expenses.

So how would you convince your abusive next-door neighbour to contribute to your fund?

You don’t have to actually. With the spread and rise of the internet, a lot of correct information is available for those interested. And this is where Crowdfunding India comes in. All you need to do is to prepare an attractive fundraiser with the proper content. Crowdfunding India has the right reach to spread your word, and the right team to help you with the process. The biggest advantage of platforms like ImpactGuru is their minimal platform fees.

Remember that while the challenge before us is enormous, each and every small campaign to raise any kind of awareness counts. Because ultimately the emancipation of women’s wombs depend only on such initiatives. And Crowdfunding India can help you realize that dream.

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