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Cigarette withdrawal guide

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Nicotine is a highly addictive drug. Therefore, smoking cessation is very problematic for nicotine addicts. For some people, this addiction is even heroin and cocaine. Smoking cessation is very difficult and usually people leave 2-3 times before they finally get left. Each time a smoker leaves, he learns what causes the abortion and what causes the negative effects they have it.

Reasons to quit smoking

Smoking quitting is one of the greatest things a person can do during his lifetime, which is due to the following reasons:

  • More and better living
  • Reduce the rate of heart attack, stroke and cancer
  • Increased infant health in pregnant women
  • The money you pay for cigars is to spend on other living things.

The five main keys to quitting smoking

  • Ready to leave
  • Supporting the smoker
  • Teaching new personality behaviors and skills
  • Drug use correctly

5- Preparation to deal with problematic situations and return it

Now let’s say any of the following:

Ready to leave:

  • Take time to leave.
  • Change the environment (collect cigarettes and cigarettes at home, cars and workplaces and give people, do not let your cigarette smoke)
  • Review your previous attempts to quit and see if some of them have been effective or ineffective.
  • Do not smoke even after leaving a pack.

Protected by smokers:

Studies have shown that if you have the support, you will succeed in getting in.

  • Tell family members that you want to quit smoking and expect them to help.
  • Discuss this with your healthcare provider.
  • Use individual, group, etc. counseling techniques.

Learning new behaviors and new skills for smokers:

  • Try to distract your story from the sequel; for example, walk, talk with a person or engage in something.
  • Do away with stress, such as hot bathing, sports, and reading books
  • Make a fun new activity every day.

The benefits of quitting smoking in a person’s health

  • Reduce the risk of death from lung cancer
  • Stop the Emphysema progress
  • Improvement of respiratory tests and lung function
  • Reduce the risk of death from heart disease

Cigarette withdrawal syndrome (addiction to nicotine):

Symptoms of withdrawal syndrome begin within a few hours after stopping smoking. These symptoms reach their maximum intensity 24 to 72 hours after the last cigarette has been taken, including:Cravings, nausea, restlessness, constipation, diarrhea, sleep disorders, lack of concentration, sleepiness, fatigue, cognitive impairment, heart rate reduction etc.

The effects of smoke in a smoker’s person

The harmful effects of smoke in a smoker’s community are far more than that of the person they call smoking, that is, the unwanted person is suffering from complications from smoking, which include:Severe burning eyes – Nose symptoms – Coughing – Wheezing – Nausea – Headache – Allergy attacks – Cardiovascular disease (30% of cardiovascular disease among non-smokers living with smokers) -Lung cancer (one third in Non-smokers are due to cigarette smoking). For more information on how to quit smoking click here.

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