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Bangalore: The upcoming city in Hair Transplant

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Have you started losing hair? Are you looking for a solution?

Do you know the reason most people start losing hair is due to stress, pollution, lifestyle, eating habits? It is a very common issue that people are dealing with nowadays. The solution you might come up with is applying oil, using shampoos, taking expensive medicines. So, are these things really helping you? No, well this answer was expected.

Now let me tell you the solution to your problem, it is a Hair Transplant. Yes, are you aware of a Hair Transplant? It is when you transplant hair from one part of the body to a balding area on the body. This is the best and permanent solution to your problems. It will bring back your charming look and all the confidence you have lost.

So now that you know what hair transplant is, you might want to know where do I get it done? Well the best option is a Hair Transplant in Bangalore. We all know how technologically advanced Bangalore is, there is no doubt that a surgery through all these advanced techs is sure to get your hair back. Now we know that technology is not the only essential we need trained doctors to use these technologies, luckily Bangalore has enough of those as well. With all the surgeons in Bangalore and upcoming clinics and hospitals it is sure that Hair Transplant in Bangalore is the wisest option.

Do you know there are different types of Hair Transplants you can perform in Bangalore?

Yes, hair transplant is of different types, the most common types used in Bangalore are:

FUT:Follicular Unit Transplantation(FUT) is a traditional method of hair transplant, but it’s still used because its effective. Even though it might not be as popular as it used to be. So basically, FUT is a surgical technique in which a strip of your hair is taken from the back side of your scalp and implanted into the area which is bald or losing hair. Due to the surgical removal of your scalp, it leaves a scar on your head which heals within 3-4 weeks.

FUE:Next one is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)this technique is relatively new and has replaced FUT. Many people performing transplant prefer this technique. In this technique single hair follicles are extracted from the back side of the scalp called the donor area and implanted in the affected area. This process leaves less scar as compared to FUT the reason why it is mostly preferred in Bangalore.

So, now you are aware of where to get the hair transplant done, types of hair transplant you can do. You would definitely want to know the Cost of Hair Transplant in Bangalore.

The cost of Hair Transplant in Bangalore is quite affordable not only from many other countries but also from many other cities in India. The cost of hair transplant in Bangalore depends on the number of grafts you require. Each graft contains 3-4 hair follicles. And on which type of Hair transplant you want to get done andas explained earlier there are two types of Hair Transplant FUE and FUT. FUE charges are RS. 30-45/graft and FUT charges are  Rs. 25-40/graft.

So, if you require  a transplant of 1000 grafts under FUE your cost may range from RS 30000 to 45000 based on the clinic you go to.  And under FUT it may charge you RS 25000 to 40000 depending on the clinic you go to.

Considering all the information provided on Hair Transplant in Bangalore, hopefully you will get your transplant done soon and get rid of the problems of hair fall and baldness forever.

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