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Addict Recovery Quotes to Prevent Alcohol Relapse

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Alcohol addiction is no joke, and neither is relapse. It’s wise to seek professional help when battling alcohol addiction. To help you get started, we gathered addict recovery quotes that may motivate you to boldly face addiction and lead a drug free life.

Addict Recovery Quotes to Prevent Alcohol Relapse

  1. Whenever you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.
  2. All people have sufficient willpower. But some of them aren’t willing to change.
  3. You recover from alcohol addiction not by stopping to drink but by leading a different life.
  4. I’d rather believe I’m an alcoholic while living a sober life than be a drunkard and think that I’m not an alcoholic.
  5. It will be hard in the beginning, but once you get accustomed to it, it seems effortless.
  6. Addiction is a condition that makes an individual selfish to notice the damage they’ve caused or care about their loved ones.
  7. You need to work on recovering daily without taking a break

Reasons why you are likely to Relapse

Alcohol is accessible in most countries worldwide. You may relapse due to several scenarios including:

  • Hanging out with alcoholic addicts
  • Being unable to manage stress
  • Boredom
  • Trauma after receiving heartbreaking news

Most people battling with addiction have experienced such situations. Even if they didn’t cause them to relapse, some alcohol addicts are uncertain about recovering from their addiction. It’s critical for them to offer aftercare services to remain sober.

How to Prevent Alcoholic Relapse

Whenever you relapse, don’t see it as a doesn’t mean that you can’t remain sober for long. Typically, it’s a setback which makes you more determined to refrain from alcohol abuse. It enables you to consider each day that you successfully spend without taking alcohol as a remarkable achievement.

Although relapse faces most recovering addicts, you can follow specific steps to avoid it such as:

  • Strive to remain active in the suggested aftercare services at a drug addiction treatment center. Select a path that suits your lifestyle and responsibilities. It increases your chances of entirely devoting to various follow-up services without having obligations and time constraints.
  • Disclose your post-rehabilitation care plans to your family and close friends. Inform them about how the programs will help you succeed in the recovery and seek their support whenever necessary.
  • Attend several Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) conferences in your neighborhood. Alternatively, you can join a good support group and read addict recovery quotes.
  • Look for a sponsor that you can trust and comfortably interact with. It’s vital to remain in contact with them afterwards.
  • Build a close relationship with a specific therapist to educate you on appropriate treatment options. They’ll offer support services and post-recovery care after your treatment program ends.
  • Practice the coping skills which your rehabilitation facility taught you while recovering.
  • Avoid particular places where you are likely to meet with alcohol addicts and friends. They might distract you from focusing on your recovery.

Alcohol relapse occurs typically as an addict recover. Don’t lose hope. Instead, follow your treatment plan. Read addict recovery quotes from for motivation. Visit a certified rehab center for guidance on how to prevent alcohol relapse. Call us today.

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