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A Woods Lamp Can Analyse the Condition of Your Skin

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With a woods lamp, you’ll learn more about your clients’ skin. This type of lamp emits black light that is not visible to the naked eye. It is in the ultraviolet spectrum, which is shorter than that of violet. It emits a purple light in a dark room because it gives off some light in the violet area of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The Wood lamp was first invented by Robert W. Wood in 1903. It can be used to examine skin in a darkened room. It is used to tell pigmented or depigmented skin and to tell if fluorescence is present. Healthyskin is somewhat blue but it looks white if the skin is thickened, yellow it is oily, and purple where it is dry, healing, tender, or thin. If the skin is white, it can indicate ageing skin or a skin fold. Orange can also indicate oily skin. A light yellow colour can be a concentrated pimple or seborrhea. Red can mean inflamed skin or a nutrition deficiency. Brown can be a pigmentation inconsistency or freckle.

Our Woods Lamp (model WOOD-SM911) is a combination of ultraviolet light and magnification. It is used to allow visualisation of the skin that you can’t see without the aid of the lamp. We offer a version with a 3 dioptre with 1.75 times magnification and a stronger version with five and 10 times magnification power.

This product includes an analysis chart on the outside of the lamp to aid in the identification of various skin problems. The product includes a blackout hood, a 3 dioptre (1.75 magnification lens), 4 x 4 watt light tubes, and a two-metre cable. The unit weights 1.1 kg and has a warranty of 12 months.

You can learn a lot about the health of skin with a Woods lamp, and it can be a valuable tool in your beauty salon. You can help your clients learn the current state of their skin’s condition and to then offer treatments and advice based on their individual situations. This customized treatment can bring your clients back to you again and again and can encourage them to provide referrals.

Your business can grow with this simple investment. Show your clients how this can benefit their skin care regimen. With a Woods lamp, your clients will be able to see for themselves how you can help them when they see the problems with their skin. Over time, they can see their skin’s improvement as they re-examine their skin after treatment.

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