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6 Things Happens To Your Skin When You  Exercise

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There has been a common correlation between frequent exercise and weight loss. It was one of the main motives to workout. It has been revealed recently that workouts can be responsible for healthy skin aging and massive benefits on skin care.

Age-related skin issues including wrinkles, fine lines, creepy skin, dull skin, and jowls can be delayed with the proper fitness routine. Every human cell benefits from any kind of physical activity. And the skin being the largest organ gains great benefits.

Those benefits will definitely motivate you to lace up your running shoes and hitting the gym.

1- Radiant Smooth Skin

Mona jack, 36, was shocked when she had an adult acne breakout two years ago. “I was 34 and felt my face and body were a mess, my acne was everywhere, it became chronic” says the working mother from Chicago, USA. Last year, she decided to shape up a bit and went for three miles walk a day with occasional workout, she expected to lose some of her stubborn fats. But to her surprise the bonus was her face became clearer every single day. And her friends noticed that rapid change in just few weeks.

According to dermatologist, that kind of result should be expected. The reason behind Mona’s clear skin was the sweat. The process is basically pores becomes dilated then sweat expels trapped dirt and oil.

Once washed that’s considered as a natural mini facial.

2- Enhances your self confidence

Our self-worth is directly impacted with our feelings of consistency, energy levels and our looks. And having attractive glowy skin is the best way to enhance our self-confidence.

This confidence can be reflected in work, school or even casual hangouts. Many who had great transformation to their skin became more charismatic and charming.

3- Better detoxification and immunity levels

With cold season around the corner, exercises can play a major role in enhancing immune powers to bacteria and viruses. Frequent exercises spike up white blood cells, including natural killer cells and neutrophils.

High amount of white blood cells flowing in your blood means slim chances for any viruses or bacteria to attack the body. On top of that, wounds and blemishes heal faster.

But how is all of that reflecting our skin condition?

Our body has an estimate of around 500 lymph nodes – little nodules responsible of taking out our metabolic waste. However, without the assistance of muscles, it can be difficult for those nodes to proceed with their work. Thus, exercising helps muscle to contract and ease the process of lymph node stimulation. This reflection on our skin in making it less puffy and more glow and radiance.

4- Less Stress and Anxiety, means less wrinkles

Uncertainty, anxiety and fearfulness can have a massive impact on your vitality. It’s considered the silent poison for facial wrinkles, fine lines and deep forehead lines.

Roughly 150 million women in North America suffer from anxiety disorders. Anxiety does not only strip out smiles on faces but it destroys our outside and inside.

Exercising might be the #1 cure for anxiety disorders. According to Mark Book, PhD, a psychologist at Briga University he says; “Exercise is like a tranquilizer from anxiety with a bonus of gaining great looking skin and shape.

Simply said, workouts are our motive to look great on the outside and feel healthy on the inside.

The best ant-anxiety exercises are; cycling, running, swimming or a mixture of aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

6- Less Dark Circles

90% of darks circles causes are lack of sleep. And around 60 million Americans are disrupted with insomnia.

A recent study done by Harvard medical school shows that, an intense workout can leave you hungry and with high sensitivity to stress hormone cortisol, which enhances our sleep dramatically.

Proper sleeping is the key to skin perfection that can be gained through exercising.


The outcome from a 30 min workout daily routine can cut down your dull skin, fix acne breakouts and even delay aging process. Even using best wrinkle cream for forehead and face will not help much without a proper workout routine.

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